Make Your Next Welding Job a Safe One With These Tips

welding jobAs a day laborer, safety should always be a priority. In the case of welding, workers need to protect themselves from common hazards such as burns, eye injuries, electrical shock and exposure to dangerous fumes. To make sure your next welding job is a safe one, here are three very important things you need to do.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

To protect your body from harm on a welding job, make sure you’re wearing the right protective clothing and gear at all times. Helmets, goggles and shields protect your face from heat, ultraviolet radiation and flying particles. Make sure they fit correctly and follow the American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices. This same standard also calls for wearing flame-resistant gloves and gauntlet cuffs to protect your arms. As for the rest of your clothing, it should cover all parts of your body, be made of material that won’t melt and are insulated to guard against high radiant energy. It’s also a good idea to wear flame-resistant aprons for additional protection.

Reduce Your Exposure to Welding Fumes

Fumes and gasses released from hot metal can be very dangerous on a welding job. That’s why it’s important to make sure all welding surfaces are free of materials like solvent and paint that can cause toxic fumes when heated. Standing upwind while welding helps as well because you’re not directly breathing in the dangerous fumes. Another precaution is properly ventilating your work area even if it is outside. Testing the air quality of a workspace before starting your welding work is also important to do, especially if it’s a confined area. You can also wear half mask or full face respirators while you work.

Ground the Electrical Equipment Used on the Welding Job

Grounding electrical equipment like welding generators you’re using on a welding job ensures that there’s no buildup of voltage that can cause serious harm if allowed to pass through your body. The earth forms a barrier where an electrical current can’t flow freely from the machine into your body or any other electrical conducting material. So how do you do you keep your equipment grounded? Make sure the generator is firmly attached to the ground using a driven rod. Also, be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions when it comes to grounding this type of equipment.


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One thought on “Make Your Next Welding Job a Safe One With These Tips


    It’s also important to know that you’re surrounded by other capable individuals. As if there was ever an emergency, competent individuals make the difference when seconds count. Have a firm grasp on the environment and its potential hazards that are present in your immediate surrounding areas. Such as stored or potential energy. Safe out the working environment. Is the work piece properly supported, is there mechanical means or cribbing used. Do others recognize the immediate dangers and the hazards they could potentially possess. Is there a rescue plan?

    There are many factors to consider in this industry. Not only a skill set, but an equal reaction to every action. To mitigate the risks prior to commencing work. PPE is your last line of defence.

    Are safety barriers put in place and are they correct? What about the ever changing weather conditions. As well the changing environment such as other trades in the immediate area. Take 20 seconds every 20 minutes and look 20 feet in every direction. Up as well as down.

    Critical sites present critical dangers. Virtical sites present dangers more so than horizontal work sites.

    Is the scaffolding inspected and up to date, has there been any modifications done to the work platforms, what’s above and what’s below? Is there any potential for dropped tooling, what is the rigging like? Is it in good working order? Has it been inspected prior to every use?

    What are the working conditions like? Is it hot or cold? Is it tight and awkward? What’s the lighting conditions like? Is the work area organized and free from debris and clutter? Are there tripping hazards and have they been mitigated? Is there snow and ice, and has it been sanded and are there traction aides available?

    What season is it? Is there holidays right around the corner? Is everyone in the game?

    Dehydration, hypothermia, do the people around you have confidence in their abilities? Is a person more suited for a task rather than another? Example do heights bother an individual more so than another? Use the buddy system.

    The tasks layed out before a welder are much more than meets the eye.

    It’s a dangerous job and only a select few have the skill set that it takes to achieve success time in and time out and in every working condition. The high rate of pay comes with a great deal of responsibility and liability.

    Are the tools in good working order? Is the right tool being used for the job? Does the welder possess the proper training for the task at hand?

    There are many other factors to consider. Diet, exercise, personal health, flexibility, stamina, strength, ones ability to focus for long periods of duration.

    Having the right people in the immediate area goes a long way. A welders job is very challenging. If the people in the immediate area aren’t working out. Change them out.

    We the welder have a great deal to be held accountable for, we don’t need to be surrounded by people that just don’t care. Welding is an art and a skilled one at that.

    Skilled labour isn’t cheap and cheap labour isn’t skilled. It’s a passionate trade and it comes in high demand.

    The product that travels through the piping and the support system that is required to sustain the environment in which it has been dedicated to. Commands a great deal of planning and engineering.

    Just a few thoughts

    MESY Ventures Ltd.

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